A complete offer, around the theme of placing snow pegs:

Automatically place (and pick up) snow stakes at the touch of a button :

Stickset 500

The ingenious automatic setting and collecting machine: efficient, safe, practical!
50 to 100 posts per hour, post diameters from Ø15mm to 40mm, 50mm optional.


Setting snow poles by hand:

PBS 900 snow stake drilling machine

Drill the hole with the machine, insert the rod by hand.
For stakes from Ø50 to 250mm, optional: weed brush instead of drilling/driving.


Motorised pile driver

With the motorised pile driver the snow stake (wood, min. Ø50mm recommended) you place the stake directly into the ground.
Standard width: for 50 to Ø78mm, optional up to 107mm. This tool replaces a hammer. 

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