The concept

The concept of snowtick: natural, sustainable, CO2 neutral, economical

There are several plastic-, fiberglass and wooden Snow sticks offered, meant to facilitate the work of the snow plow driver and to highlight the private and professional transport way. And it is normal here, that they are set by manual operating!

Our snowstick markers ECOSTICK are usually set and collected by machine. For this we offer specific setting and collecting devices. With this, easy 100 sticks can be set per hour and also collected again.

We break new ground with our sustainable solution ECOSTICK snow markers: instead of products based on petroleum (plastic poles) or products imported from overseas (in some cases non recyclable), we offer natural snow way markers which have grown in their natural environment during 3 or 4 years where they finally reach the desired diameter. The minimum of mechanical treatment meets all requirements for thickness, length and equipment (visibility by night), sustainably produced in Europe.

The natural sticks ECOSTICK are set for the season and collected in spring. Thereafter, they can be used again. Have the sticks become obsolete, they normally are disposed of in the green waste or fed to a wood chip heating system. The cycle is complete – CO2 neutral!

The natural green sticks are greatly visible at daytime on snow covered snows. Thanks to the environmental friendly reflector made up entirely of glass-powder or reflective film they are perfectly recognizable at night as well.

The device can be mounted on trucks or tractors. Provided is a holder as it is needed for snow plows, on tractors the device cat. 2 is just perfect. A 12/24V power socket and 40L/140bar hydraulic connection is sufficient to operate.

Info sheet about our concept: EcoSnowStick-Info

Read more about stick setting: here or go to youtube here